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Died Suddenly

People suddenly die, it happens, but why all the sudden deaths in 2021? Below are Google Screen Shots from 2016 - 2021.... there are millions of references to the search term "Died Suddenly" but 2021 is off the chart.... almost 2 Billion! Read the articles the vast majority of sudden deaths were not due to an illness, Why would that be?

Died Suddenly:  2021 - 1,980,000,000 results

​Died Suddenly:  2020 -  64,400,000 results

Died Suddenly:  2019 -  85,400,000 results

Died Suddenly:  2018 -   46,800,000 results

Died Suddenly:  2017 -   75,300,000 results

Died Suddenly:  2016 -   40,000,000 results

Doctors dropping like flies in deaths described as “died unexpectedly” and “died suddenly” since mid-October

The American Medical Association reported that 96% of U.S. doctors were vaccinated in June. Even with a 20-point error margin, accounting for saline/placebo shots and exemptions, a vast majority of doctors have received the shots. It’s only fair since doctors peddle the injections to their unwitting, credulous fanatics who worship the white coats. ...Continue Reading

Safe and Effective

The voices of those who have been killed by this "Vaccine" have been silenced, but what about others who have taken it and have irreversible injuries?

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