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Vaccines Kill!


Proof Vaccines Killing People.
Health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord discusses the dangers of prescription drugs that are on the market. Find out how many people potentially die each year from taking properly taking drugs that are prescribed by their doctors!


FDA Vaccine Insert Lists Autism as Adverse Reaction


You Don't Want to Know What's in Your Flu Shot!
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny talks about what goes into making current flu shots and what some of the new production methods are. You might not think the flu is so bad after watching this.


The Natural Decline of Disease
How necessary are vaccines, really? Are they as critically important as we are told in order to avoid deadly (and not so deadly) diseases? Sherri Tenpenny, DO, Tim O'Shea, DC, Patrick Gentempo, DC and Toni Bark, MD share some history with us to help answer the question.


Top CDC Whistle Blower: We Were Ordered to Cover Up Vaccine-Autism Link
Dr. Andrew Wakefield also joins the show to break down the Tribeca Film Festival incident, actor Robert De Niro's support and the ongoing fight for vaccine awareness.



Recently Vaccinated Kids Are Spreading Pertussis Everywhere

Why should pediatricians suspect that a fully vaccinated child with either no symptoms or few symptoms is infected with and transmitting pertussis, when the CDC and AAP have taught them to believe vaccine orthodoxy is the truth and nothing but the truth? ....Continue Reading