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The Pyramids


How the Pyramids were built in Egypt
Are the pyramids made out of concrete, an artificial re-agglomerated limestone? Joseph Davidovits and the Geopolymer Institute crew shows that only few people is able to rapidly and easily produce several tons of pyramid stone blocks.


Building the pyramids of Egypt with artificial stones
Prof. Joseph DAVIDOVITS presents, in this 1h20 conference, his famous theory on how the Egyptians pyramids were built with re-agglomerated limestone. This conference was recorded in 2008 representing the knowledge of that time. Since then, recent scientific studies using very powerful and modern equipment found the ultimate evidence that the pyramids stones are synthetic.


The Giza Plateau pyramids are a HOAX built mid 1700 into 1800's few hundred years old. 

Cathedral Masonic Construction and Pyramid Power.
all an Amusement Park



~Not about about The Pyramids, but it will make you think.....

The images of Stonehenge they DON’T want you to see

Stonehenge, an ancient monument that attracts millions of tourists a year holds many secrets. One of the lesser known is that the standing stones we see today, in fact date back less than 50 years, as a result of numerous restorations that have taken place for over 100 years. ....Continue Reading