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This page is dedicated to exploring the question of whether the white light reportedly experienced at death is the BEST option or whether it may be a portal to an eventual reincarnation on Earth. It is an essential and logical question to ponder and not intended in any way to generate fear or paranoia. On this site, I look at not only at near death experiences, but also out of body experiences, pre-birth experiences, psychedelic experiences, alien abductions, meditation experiences, mythology and ancient texts. For example, many other transcendental experiencers, including The Tibetan Book of the Dead, reveal that light is just one of the two polarities of duality and that beyond the light exists a "clear" light of awareness beyond time and space, thought and emotion, a peaceful neutrality. It is indescribable, but is both light and dark or neither light nor dark, a type of so-called void which is a misleading misnomer that evokes the image of emptiness because it is nonduality: simulataneously nothing yet everything. It has been likened to a womb or pre-creation containing all potentiality. Why should we elect to go to an external light or authority figure when, as all disciplines suggest, our astral bodies are made of translucid, liquid light and we are connected to everything? And, more importantly, that we are living a dream and we have the power to manifest any reality through our focused Intention! So why would we want to hand over that Sovereignty to another being? And as quantum physics has shown us, there is an infinite energy present in every quantum zero point. This means that Infinity is within us. All we have to do is focus attention inward. From a larger perspective, the white light is an illusion as everything is a part of us and we are a part of everything. The nature of reality is holographic. It is consciousness, awareness. Consciousness manifests what we perceive to be reality.

- Wayne Bush /


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Death and the Tunnel of Light: The Final Grand Trick

When you pull back the curtain on all of the illusions, what you find is quite preposterous. It is so absurd, so far removed from what we perceive as reality, that not many people would ever believe it. It is beyond science fiction.

“The truth is paradoxical to the extent of being exactly contrary to the usual perception.” – Georges Bataille

Consider what actually lies behind that curtain. Behind the facades we perceive, are truths that are contrary to the perceived realities. It is not what we think it is. We have been trapped, enslaved for thousands of years, without us even realizing it. We are in a labyrinth of illusions, with gate keepers at every step.

Sometime, long ago in prehistory, inter-dimensional demiurges came to our Earth to plunder her. They enslaved humanity and proclaimed themselves as almighty god, the creator. The Gnostics called them the archons. They are the predators, who keep us as their herd, just as we keep farm animals. We are their food. We have been in their grip for thousands of years. The very gods that we pray to for hope and salvation, are the very culprits that prey on us. They are our keepers, and they enslave us, yet we are convinced that they are our creator and savior. Isn’t that ironic? Yes, it all seems quite preposterous. Not at all what it seems. .... Continue Reading

What Really Happens at Physical Death & How to Exit the 3D Reincarnation Cycle

We’ve all heard the term “reincarnation.” We’ve also heard tales about “the reincarnation trap” that have been proposed and told for centuries. But are they true — or is there more to our traditional conception of reincarnation?

Is this entire Earth experience really just some kind of cruel, deceitful set up orchestrated by a vengeful God, or nefarious, malevolent beings hijacking our reality? Is reincarnation even real, and if so, what is the true purpose of it?

My views about reincarnation – what it is, what it isn’t, and why it’s a part of this reality construct – has changed significantly over the course of my awakening journey. Like everything else in our reality, your perception of reincarnation will depend on how you choose to view it – from a place of love or a place of fear.

This article explores my understanding of reincarnation from as a secular, objective, and “truth seeking” perspective as possible.

First, let’s dive into what happens when we die. ... Continue Reading