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The Apocalypse

We have been brainwashed to think of the Apocalypse as an outside force that wreaks havoc on the world, but the most
likely cause will be by design. To be able to understand how the world works you must forget the notion that all people
are essentially good. The powers that be are not good and see 99% of us as Useless Eaters. Once you stop sugar coating
the world you will be able to see the light. 

Here's a couple of likely scenarios for the coming Apocalypse:

1) Currency Collapse

2) Fake Pandemic (remember H1N1 and Ebola? they disappeared overnight because they failed to generate the desired hysteria)
    The next Pandemic will be a big event, people getting sick, dying (most likely crisis actors) - all televised, people begging for
    help from the Government, don't worry they're working on a Vaccine to save us all! Guess what?.... the Vaccine will be the
    delivery method for the disease, they just need to jump start it.


Was Ebola Threat a Made-Up Hoax?


Wag the Dog


It appears that we got it right

Here we are December 30th 2021 and if you aren't one of the braindead zombies who believe everything they hear then you already know we are in the beginning of the apocalypse. Our prediction of a vaccine induced apocalypse is coming true, but it's also looking like a currency collapse is on the horizon. 

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