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Sunglasses are dangerous


Sunglasses Cause Cancer?
Many people have a negative view of the sun; thinking that it causes cancer. In this interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz explains that we need the sun's rays to promote and maintain skin health and prevent cancer. He says lack of sunlight can cause premature aging among other things.


Wearing Sunglasses CAUSES CANCER and interferes with normal body functions
Sunglasses are dangerous to wear and do more harm than good.



Why I Rarely Wear Sunglasses

As I mentioned, I only wear sunglasses on rare occasions, such as when I'm downhill skiing or, sometimes, if I'm boating on the water. Under these conditions, the snow or water greatly magnifies the sunlight, which could potentially be harmful, especially after hours of exposure.....Continue Reading


You Think You’re Cooler Than Me? – Here’s The Side Effects Of Wearing Sunglasses

Now, are you a vampire? It might be cool if you were, but you’re not.There is no need for you to fear the sun, and as a matter of fact, a lot of health issues are caused because of an extreme LACK of sunlight that you definitely need to know about. It’s now proven that a lack of sunlight can lead to osteoporosis, cancer, and depression among other issues. ....Continue Reading


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