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Is Salt really that bad, NO......


You need more Salt!
Dr. Joel Wallach talks about the many conditions that stem from low salt levels in the body.  You might be surprised to find out what those are!


The Truth about Salt And Sodium
Most of the people confuse sodium with salt, this is completely wrong. This video will make you change opinion about salt and will raise you knowledge about this matter.
Sodium is not the same as Salt!


Table Salt Vs. Himalayan Salt: Which is Better?
In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, I'm talking about the difference between table salt, sea salt and Himalayan salt. For years, I have heard people say that salt is harmful for your health and may cause heart disease along with a number of other health problems, but I'm here today to tell you how the right kind of salt can be helpful and healthy. 


Himalayan Salt vs. Standard Table: Salt that Heals vs. Salt that Kills

Salt is a natural and wonderful thing. At one point in history, Romans referred to salt as “white gold.” At times, they were paid in salt. Whether it be from the highest reaches of the Himalayas, or from the depths of the ocean floor, salt is a necessary mineral for all animal and human life. It’s an essential element in keeping and maintaining the proper balance of minerals in the majority of Earth’s living creatures. Every cell in our bodies need salt. Your body relies on salt for property circulation, to keep good bone density, and to stabilize blood sugar levels. .... Continue Reading

The Guilty Pleasure that Could Save You From Heart Disease

For many decades now, U.S. policy makers have been attempting to get Americans to eat less salt. But the drive to do this has little basis in science.

In fact, a recent meta-analysis by the Cochrane Review involving a total of 6,250 subjects found no strong evidence that cutting salt intake reduces the risk for heart attacks, strokes or death.1

Another study published last year found that lower salt consumption actually increased your risk of death from heart disease.2 A review of the available research reveals that much of the science behind the supposed link between salt and high blood pressure is dubious at best. According to Scientific American .... Continue Reading

Table Salt Alternatives

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