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Processed Meat

Are you eating meat or chemicals?
In this category we are focusing on Meat, however normal Processed Foods are no different.


Dangers of Processed Meat and Beef Products
(All Jacked Up)

This video segment from the movie All Jacked Up features a discussion with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, on the cancer-causing chemicals in processed meats. Other guests also express their views on the dangers of processed meat products.


Is Our Food Poisonous? - Joanna Blythman on Processed Food 


Study claims processed meats are
'carcinogenic to humans'

WHO links hot dogs, bacon, sausage to cancer; Insight on 'Shepard Smith Reporting'
Watch Shepard Smith talk about Cancer on Shepard Smith Reporting and The Daily Shep.



Processed meats are a huge cancer risk on par with smoking, WHO admits

Their latest declaration is something that many people have long believed, but it hasn't been "officially" recognized until now. WHO has announced that eating processed and red meats poses a significant cancer risk to humans and advises easing up on the consumption of such foods. A press release from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), WHO's cancer division, states that red meat is "probably carcinogenic to humans" and that processed meats are "carcinogenic to humans."  ....Continue Reading

Bacon-Gate: Will Eating Red or Processed Meat Cause Cancer?

So what causes the risk of colorectal cancer to increase? Researchers aren’t sure just yet. But while they haven’t pinpointed why processed and red meats cause cells to become cancerous, all signs currently point to chemicals found in the actual meat.

For a processed meat, this happens during the actual “processing.” While the meat undergoes its Cinderalla transformation from ugly slab of pork into pretty sausages and hot dogs, harmful, carcinogenic chemicals form. Good to know: It doesn’t matter if you purchase a bulk package of hot dogs for $0.99 or one exquisite, pampered pig slice of prosciutto. It’s the process, not the quality, that raises the risk of cancer.  ....Continue Reading

If You Eat Processed Meats, Are You Risking Your Life?

Processed meats are those preserved by smoking, curing or salting, or the addition of chemical preservatives. This includes bacon, ham, pastrami, salami, pepperoni, hot dogs, some sausages and hamburgers (if they have been preserved with salt or chemical additives) and more.

Particularly problematic are the nitrates that are added to these meats as a preservative, coloring and flavoring. The nitrates found in processed meats are frequently converted into nitrosamines, which are clearly associated with an increased risk of certain cancers.  ....Continue Reading