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Petroleum is not a fossil fuel - Oil is not rare - Oil is Abundant  - Fossil Fuel Hoax


Jerome Corsi - The Great Oil Conspiracy 

Jerome Corsi, author, political commentator and World Net Daily columnist best known for his two New York Times bestselling books: The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command talks to Perry Atkinson about his latest book 'The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People'.


The Origins of Oil - falsely defined in 1892

Col Fletcher Prouty explains how oil was falsely classified a "fossil fuel" in 1892 and how that deception was advanced further in the 70's by Kissinger and Rockefeller. Prouty also explains that Nixon/Kissinger/Rockefeller were seeking a 'world oil price'. That effort created what many now call the "Petrodollar" and the impact of that mistake is playing out still today across the planet. Both Sadam Hussein and Libya's Ghadafi were stopped (murdered) when they attempted to sell oil in 1) Euros or 2) Dinars. 



Oil is not a fossil fuel

Oil is not a fossil fuel made from the bodies of ancient dinosaurs and petrified forests. It is a mineral and it is replenished from within the earth. Scientists working for the Rockefellers invented the term ‘fossil fuel’ in1892.  The ‘oil is a fossil fuel’ scam is running out on empty.  ....Continue Reading