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The origins of Salt

UNVEILING A TITAN - PART 1 - Conclusive Proof Titans Existed

BIOGEOLOGY 3 - Fragments of Titans

Mudfossils-The Heart of the Matter

Is this a Leviathan Mudfossil on the Oregon Beach?



Graveyard of Titans

To believe everything you read in a textbook is saying to see from one eye. Either the whole story is not told by academics or simply buried and nullified as pure myth to answers they cannot justify as a means to being outside the boundary of reality.

Everything that is theorized about the foundation of pre-humanity cannot be nullified if only one was to take a closer look at the very ground that surrounds us. The debate of old creatures be in myths that are known as titans, giant trees, questioning mud fossils and creature like formation of pre-rock structures around us gives us an idea of pre-flood earth that is not included in any academic level at all let alone talked about. One could justify the evidence as coincidence, wave patterns of our brain enables us theoretically to see formations on objects the human eye is use to or the fact that nature itself creates its own formations on earth over a period of time. ...Continue Reading