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 A lot of deceptions plague us today. We truly are living in a matrix, where lies and reality are completely backwards. The truth is inconvenient even when the truth is in plain site. Our chronology is obviously wrong and history has been rewritten by the winners of war. We are govern by psychopaths and evil bloodlines that control the sleeping masses of today. All of our history has to be excavated and the real truth is buried under millions of metric tons of mud. Once the spell is broken, you will be able to see the evidence all around you with your own eyes. There was a mud flood event a "cataclysm" that took out majority of the worlds population in the past. How and why this event happen is still being investigation today. Sometime in the so called 1400's to the 1600's this mud flood came from the ground itself. Somehow this mud flood event encased building structures and whole cities in mud. There is overwhelming evidence of this event all over the world that still exist today. The mainstream researchers of this subject, have also found out that the Tartarian Empire and the Tartarian era were buried deep in this mud as well. Did we find evidence of a previous reset? If so by whom and why did it happened? We don't know the whole story yet but we do know this, that the history that we've been taught by academia and the scientific establishment is 100% completely wrong and incorrect. The same architecture that was built on mostly every land mass across this plane was built by an advanced society. This society was much more advanced than society of today. Join us and follow us while we uncover the truth about our hidden history. We'll dive into the history of Starforts, Foundlings, Ghost Cities, Giants, Free Energy, Ancient Maps and Mystery Photography. Below are videos links that explains this topic in much more detail.

~Richard Lopez 

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Mud Floods The Untold Story About Our History #Mudflood

The mudflood of 19th century part #1 film by Philipp Druzhinin




Construction Anomalies

MudFlood of 19th Century - Construction Anomalies - Poklonnaya Gora, Moscow Russia


Tartarian Empire - Covered Up By People & Mud #Mudflood

The Tartarian Empire was the biggest Empire in the history of Empires. What happen to Tartaria and why haven't we been told about this history? Is this a massive cover up by the world governments? The question is why would they go through such lengths to keep this information from us? Who were the Tarters? Is there evidence of their existence? Special thanks to everyone researching mud floods & the hidden history of Tartaria. 



Shelbyville, Illinois

June 2020 - Redevelopment uncovers evidence of a great mudflood!


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