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Civil Rights Attorney Tricia S Lindsay on Mandates

Attorney Robert Barnes Shreds COVID-19 Mandates

Is there anything you can or should do if you are facing a vaccine mandate as a condition of attending school or keeping a job? Yes. Absolutely, there is.

Black's Law

The Black's Law Dictionary is the most widely used Law Dictionary in the United States.

Black’s Law Dictionary

Mandate: written command given by an authority to an agent (member of public) /
contract by which one person requests another person to agree voluntarily to a service.
It only becomes effective when the mandatory agrees. Therefore, a mandate only
becomes mandatory upon agreement. Mandate requests without consent bear no
obligation. There is a difference between a mandate and law.

Mandate Meaning

Legislation is written using legalese of which attributes different meaning to the words
in the English language. When legislation “states” an instruction must be followed, e.g.:
wear a mask or social distance, what it really means is “you may wear a mask” or “you
may social distance” respectively. Basically, legislation asks for consent. To find out the
meaning of words used in legislation look them up in Black’s Law Dictionary. Everything
in this system is governed using legislation and at its foundation it is consent based,
your compliance with legislation is you consenting to it by default.

Do Not Be Deceived

Mandatory ---------------------> Not a law
Required -----------------------> Not a law
Ordered -------------------------> Not a law
Requested ---------------------> Not a law
Ordinance ----------------------> Not a law
Decree  --------------------------> Not a law
Recommended  ---------------> Not a law
Compulsory  -------------------> Not a law

Know Your Rights

We have a right to resist and we have an obligation & duty to do so!

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