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Mammograms are Dangerous and Actually Cause Cancer!


Recommended Mammograms Could Lead to This Risk!
Mammogram recommendations seem to change every couple of years. If you adhere to the current guidelines, are they really helping prevent breast cancer? Dr. Véronique Desaulniers discusses mammograms and the radiation risk you might be running by getting them on schedule. Find out why recommended mammograms could lead to this risk!


Mammograms Are One of The Leading Causes of Cancer!
Could one of the most popular methods of early detection actually be a leading cause of cancer? Andreas Moritz says that mammograms cause more damage than any possible benefit. Find out what he says about the amount of radiation one gets from a mammogram and what kind of damage that can cause.


Reasons NOT to get an annual Mammogram

Stop getting annual mammograms. Mammography emits radiation that has actually been causing cancer. There is a better way to be screened and preventative measures you can take to avoid breast cancer.


Mammograms Don’t Help, They Hurt Women!

Mammograms can cause cancer themselves.  That’s right!  You can walk into your mammogram appointment cancer free and walk out with cancer growing in your body.  Why?  Simply, it’s an x-ray and all x-ray’s use ionized radiation and this causes cancer by mutating and damaging normal cells.  You are also being exposed to 30kVp radiation, which is 300% more carcinogenic than high energy radiation like that emitted from an atom bomb!

mammography cancer causing machine
Mammograms are not as accurate as you may think

Every year approximately 1.6 million breast tissue biopsies are performed (most due to mammography test results).  Of these 80% are negative.  The New England Journal of Medicine points to the 1.3 million cases of misdiagnosed breast cancer every year.  Leading millions of women to needlessly worry, start treatment and waste medical resources and money.  When cancer is indeed detected, it is often called “stage zero”.  Which means it is harmless if left untreated (should be monitored though) and often can even regress on its own.


Mammograms do not lower the risk of death

A large Canadian study indicated that out of 90,000 women (whom it followed for 25 years) compared the death rate due to breast cancer in those who had mammograms and those that didn’t.  In the end, those who had mammograms did not have a better overall success rate.  It was clear from the study that mammograms helped some women while hurting others…resulting is a statistical wash.

thermography vs mammography

Better Alternatives to Mammograms

A good alternative to mammography is Thermography. This is a simple, non-invasive way of accessing your risk for breast cancer. It can detect breast cancer many years earlier than physical exams and even mammograms. Progressive physicians in Europe and the US have been using thermography since 1962. The main difference between mammography and thermography is that thermography can see cancer formations at the size of 256 cells, while mammograms can’t detect cancer until there are roughly 4 billion cells clumped together.

thermography vs mammography


Switzerland Completely Abolished Mammography Screenings: Here’s Why You Should Probably Never Get One

In 2013, the Swiss Medical Board, an independent health technology assessment initiative, was requested to prepare a review of mammography screening. The team of medical professionals included a medical ethicist, a clinical epidemiologist, a pharmacologist, an oncologic surgeon, a nurse scientist, a lawyer, and a health economist. Two of those members, Nikola Biller-Andorno, M.D. Ph. D. and Peter Juni, M.D, opened up about the project in the New England Journal of Medicine.

 They said: “As we embarked on the project, we were aware of the controversies that have surrounded mammography screening for the past 10-15 years. When we received the available evidence and contemplated its implications in detail, however, we became increasingly concerned.”  ....Continue Reading

Those Who Claim the Greatest Benefit From Mammograms May Ironically Suffer the Most Harm

The mammogram paradox is that women who are harmed the most, are the ones who claim the greatest benefit.

While false-positive results, pain during the procedure, and radiation exposure may be among the most frequent harms associated with mammogram screening, overdiagnosis “is now recognized as the most serious downside of population breast screening.” Overdiagnosis is so serious that the question has been raised whether it makes breast screening “worthless.” Indeed, the value of performing routine mammograms at all is being questioned due to overdiagnosis, which is “the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer that would never have become a threat to a woman’s health, or even apparent, during her lifetime.”

“The public thinks once you have a cancer cell in your body, it will progress predictably and inevitably to a terrible death. That is simply not true of most cancers.” Some cancers outgrow their blood supply and become starved and wither away, and others are recognized by our immune system and successfully contained. Others still “are simply not that aggressive in the first place,” so, although they might continue to grow unchecked, it may be at such a slow rate that it would be decades or even centuries before they could be big enough to cause any problems. So, in effect, you would die with your tumor instead of from your tumor. ... Continue Reading


Mammograms are more harmful than you think

In undergoing mammograms, women are exposed to radiation. And radiation, as we know, is a cause of cancer.

And it's not just about the radiation. During mammograms, the breast is at times quite literally crushed, in a bid to get clearer images. The pain can get so bad as to bring tears to some women's eyes. Such physical manipulation of tumors, should they be present, could actually trigger the spread of cancer cells into the system, thereby elevating the risk of future metastasis. ....Continue Reading