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Ancient Tree Research Project (Part 1)
~ The Giant Cedars of Lebanon​


Ancient Tree Research Project (Part 2)
~ The Giant Cedars of Lebanon​


There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up!



Volcanic Miracle or Giant Tree Stumps?

The evidence pointing to these large buttes and mountains being giant petrified tree stumps is astounding. Not only do they look just like tree stumps, but they exhibit characteristics only found in biological organisms and trees. It’s possible these ancient trees were made from silicone and were nearly as hard as stone. .....Continue Reading

Were There Giant Trees in the Days of Yore?

A whole book could be written on the many ancient and modern references to giant trees, and that is all well and good, but if such trees really existed, but we cannot simply base our conception of the world on fairy tales of fairy forests. There would have to be evidence of these trees, even if they died or were cut down, right? Well, the theory being presented suggests that there is evidence of these ancient trees still around, but we just have not understood what we were looking at. .... Continue Reading


Adults and children do not share the same perception. And why? Because the eyes see an ordered matrix, and not as the world really looks like. Our eyes eventually became traitors, we are still in the blind age: the world is quite different than what we have seen through the prism of habit and experience. By the age of 30 the prism acquires the status of a guardian in our minds, and after 40 it can get even worse.
....Continue Reading