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Fluoride is Poison | Brainwash Update
Abby Martin takes with a look at the 50 year long practice of water fluoridation in America, outlining adverse health effects and breaking the myth that it helps prevent tooth decay.


Fluoride: Poison On Tap - Full Documentary
Is fluoride bad for you? Should you be concerned about sodium fluoride being in your water or toothpaste? Learn why Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, China and more countries have banned fluoride. How did fluoride get approved for use in the United States and what are the health effects?


Fluoride in our water is industrial waste

They call them “wet scrubbers” – the pollution control devices used by the phosphate industry to capture fluoride gases produced in the production of commercial fertilizer. In the past, when the industry let these gases escape, vegetation became scorched, crops destroyed, and cattle crippled.......



Fluoride: The Bizarre History - Full Documentary


Is Fluoride Bad for You? How it affects the brain.
 Holistic Dentist Dr Layton
 Dr Layton is a San Diego holistic dentist in Encinitas ca and in this video he talks about the dangers of fluoride. Fluoride is very toxic, many people may even call fluoride a poison. 



New Study Confirms Fluoride Harms Fetal Brain; Lowers IQ

The results of the first ever US government funded study of fluoride and IQ have just been published. A team of researchers found a statistically significant association between fluoride exposure in women during pregnancy and a lowering of IQ in their children, reports the Fluoride Action Network.

The study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives by scientists from the University of Toronto, University of Michigan, Harvard, McGill, and the national public health agency of Mexico. It was funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, with over $3 million in grants. ....continue reading

In the early 1990s, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a large grant to University of Iowa researchers to investigate the relationship between total daily fluoride intake (from all sources) and several health outcomes of interest, namely: tooth decay, dental fluorosis, and bone health.

Known as the “Iowa Fluoride Study,” the researchers monitored the fluoride intake of over 600 Iowan children from birth to adolescence, while conducting periodic exams of the children’s dental and bone health. Thus far, the study — which remains an ongoing one — paints a picture of fluoride’s risk/benefits that is at stark odds with the quasi-mythical narrative that U.S. health authorities have long peddled. ...continue reading

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This website uses Affiliate Links which may earn a commission for purchases made, there is no additional cost to you.