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Joe Biden's now famous quote from the last 2020 Presidential debate - "We are about to go into a dark winter."

What is "Dark Winter" and why should you care? Joe Biden did not coin the phrase, but he did reveal something very important, a clue - a secret.

"Dark Winter" is a government Bioterrorism Exercise that was held at Andrews Air Force Base on June 22-23, 2001. Dark Winter discusses a small pox pandemic that mirrors COV-19 to the tee including the following;

1.) Mass vaccination handled by the U.S. Army in the millions of doses.

2.) The strategic closure of all schools, business and non essential activities including limiting the amount of people at gatherings.

3.) A travel ban in and out of the US including local state to state border closing - eventually leading to only allowing those with proof of vaccination to enter and exit.

4.) Martial law announced after the economy crashes

5.) Mandatory isolation/detainment of infected persons at FEMA camps

The "Dark Winter" report release date plays an important factor and was chosen for a reason.

6/22/2001 is exactly 6766 days (and 966 weeks) from the date COV-19 was announced on 12/31/2019. A convenient 666 hidden in plain sight twice from those pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Joe was right, we are about to enter a "Dark Winter."

Dark Winter PDF

John Hopkins - Dark Winter

Are you awake, aware, and prepared? 

Scott L. Biddle

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