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People suddenly die, it happens, but why all the sudden deaths in 2021? Below are Google Screen Shots from 2016 - 2021.... there are millions of references to the search term "Died Suddenly" but 2021 is off the chart.... almost 2 Billion! Read the articles the vast majority of sudden deaths were not due to an illness, Why would that be?

Died Suddenly:  2021 - 1,980,000,000 results

​Died Suddenly:  2020 -  64,400,000 results

Died Suddenly:  2019 -  85,400,000 results

Died Suddenly:  2018 -   46,800,000 results

Died Suddenly:  2017 -   75,300,000 results

Died Suddenly:  2016 -   40,000,000 results

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Millennials Experienced 84% Rise of Excess Mortality Into Fall 2021: Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager

Edward Dowd, author of the upcoming book “‘Cause Unknown’: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022.”  

Millennials Experienced 84% Rise of Excess Mortality Into Fall 2021: Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager

Dowd is familiar with predicting trends and observing patterns, and became interested in studying CDC data after he heard many anecdotal accounts of vaccine injury. He found a monumental spike in sudden deaths occurring in the fall of 2021 to early 2022 in the working age cohort, which corresponded to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates for federal and corporate employees.

“The age cohort from 25 to 44, which we call the millennials, experienced an 84 percent rise of excess mortality into the fall of 2021—August, September, October—and the rate of change was just dramatic,” Dowd told EpochTV’s American Thought Leaders program during an interview that will premiere Sept. 6. That “represented about 61,000 Americans who perished from March 2021 to February 2022.”   ...Continue Reading

Doctors dropping like flies in deaths described as “died unexpectedly” and “died suddenly” since mid-October

The American Medical Association reported that 96% of U.S. doctors were vaccinated in June. Even with a 20-point error margin, accounting for saline/placebo shots and exemptions, a vast majority of doctors have received the shots. It’s only fair since doctors peddle the injections to their unwitting, credulous fanatics who worship the white coats. ...Continue Reading

Facebook censors #DiedSuddenly hashtag

'Keeping our community safe'

Facebook has blocked all posts containing the hashtag #DiedSuddenly, which has become an unofficial indictment against the COVID-19 vaccine amid an alarming rise in sudden, unexplained deaths. 

“Keeping our community safe,” a message reads underneath a lock icon when searching for the hashtag. “Posts with diedsuddenly are temporarily hidden here. Some content in those posts goes against our Community Standards.” 

It is unclear which Community Standards the hashtag violates, but the social media platform evidently chose to implement a sweeping ban on the term rather than simply block certain offending posts, as it often does. 

Since the start of COVID-19, Facebook has been overarchingly protective of the COVID-19 narrative and the authorities who craft it. 

“The blocking of this hashtag is the latest of many examples of Facebook censoring content that is critical of or raises questions about the COVID-19 vaccines,” reports Reclaim the Net. “Throughout the pandemic, Facebook has also mass censored anti-mask content, anti-lockdown content, and content that said the coronavirus came from a lab (a censorship policy that was suddenly reversed after the Biden admin announced that it would be investigating the origins of COVID).” 

Facebook is joined by other tech giants like Twitter, whose executives have boasted about their censorship of diverse viewpoints. ...Continue Reading

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The voices of those who have been killed by this "Vaccine" have been silenced, but what about others who have taken it and have irreversible injuries?

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