The Treasure Chest of Truth

Coming Soon to Truth Pirates

Ultra Sound
(is it as safe as were told?)


Animal Proteins
(protein, protein, protein, do humans really need it, if so, does it have to be from an animal?)

Climate Change
(totally fake, however our weather is being artificially
 manipulated, see our Chemtrails Page)

Smart Meters
(smart meters emit constant dangerous radiation)

Law of Attraction
(what you put out is what you shall receive)


(are they truly valuable?)


(what.... they aren't real?!)


Free Energy
(yes, free!)


Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)
(forest fires only burning houses and melting metals?)


Cold Showers
(torture or health benefit?)


(are there any left in our food?)


Pizzagate / Adrenochrome
(What's going on in Hollywood and the World?!)
Here's some info to get you started:


Health Questions
(is your doctor looking out for your best interest?)


TSA / Body Scanners
(having the TSA molest you and imaging your naked body shouldn't be your only concern)

Nuclear Reactors / Weapons
(what if Nuclear Technology was just made up to control us?)


Mind Control

Copper Toxicity
(Is copper really that dangerous?)

(Ultra-high microwave frequency radiation)


The Mandela Effect
(do we have false memories of the past?)


(more harmful than cancer?)


White Flour
(surprise it's packed full of Toxins!)


(who really built it?)


Internal Revenue Service
(are you really required to file a tax return and where does that money go?)


Truther Blogs
(The truth movement is under attack, we will be featuring a variety of Truthers)
Our first Truther: Scott L. Biddle


(should we be eating all the time?)


(you aren't from a 3rd World Country, so you don't have them, right?)