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About Us

The inspiration behind the Truth Pirates Website was not to be an expert on any specific topic, but more of a portal, all the topics have already been covered by experts- exhaustively. We have chosen some great Websites, Videos, Articles and Books to direct you to the truth!

Knowledge is power - if enough people see behind the curtain
 we can be free from the system's shackles!

"What are you going to do, you're just one person... you can't change anything, why bother!?"

That's pretty common for Truth Pirates to hear when spreading the truth, it's totally not
true though. On the surface it makes sense, however in reality truth will spread, it just takes
one person to stand tall and speak it!

In the video below, one person starts an entire movement- it's just dancing but it's the same principle:

 This is leadership from a dancing guy Sasquatch music Festival 2009. 



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